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More ways to save tax-deferred

The AHRP 457(b) might be right for you if you are maximizing your 403b contributions at the IRS annual limits and you want to save more money for retirement tax-deferred.  

Automatic Enrollment


To assure you get your full retirement benefit, the Plan has a special feature that automatically enrolls you in the AHRP 403(b) Plan and allows you to make contributions through convenient payroll deductions.  After a 35-day waiting period, the matching percentage of your eligible pay will be deducted on a before-tax basis and invested in a Target-Date  LifePath Index Fund managed by BlackRock.


Target Date LifePath
Index Funds

Target date funds provide a diversified mix of equities and fixed income that rebalances over time to help you take more risk when you are younger, and gradually get more conservative in your investment strategy over time.  Simply put, target date funds help take the guesswork out of saving for retirement

ROTH vs Traditional


  • The difference between a traditional and a Roth 403(b) comes down to when you pay the taxes. 

  • While Roth accounts have generally been advised for younger savers, a Roth 403(b) can also give older savers a chance to benefit from tax-free distributions. 

  • AHRP offers both, so you don't necessarily have to choose one or the other. Consider splitting contributions between the two.

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